Universal Studios Singapore with babies and toddlers

Let me start off by saying that Universal Studies is not particularly suitable for young children. However we had visitors staying with us who wanted to have a look, plus entry is free for under 4’s so we decided to give it a try anyway.


We spent pretty much the whole day at Universal Studios and I managed to not make it on any of the rides. NOT. A. SINGLE. RIDE. I was busy looking after the baby most of the day. My husband managed to bring M on a few rides and me and the other family members watched her while he went on some others that were unsuitable. So this is a very brief overview of a few of the attractions that we saw.

New York

Lights, Camera, Action. Children under 122cm are allowed with an adult but daddy took M and reported that it wasn’t really suitable for her (she’s 2 years old).

Sesame Street stage show. This is on a few times during the day so I went to see this twice. It’s quite short with just a few songs but if you’re quick, you can get your picture taken with one of the characters at the end.


Sci-Fi City

Photo opportunity with a Transformer.

Ancient Egypt

Treasure Hunters attraction. Again, not very suitable for a 2 year old although she was allowed entry onto the ride.

Army of Anubis photo op. M was frightened of these guys!

There were a few suitable attractions in the Shrek area but as it was raining, we rushed through and forgot to go back at the end.


King Julien’s Beach Party Go Round. M had fun and went on twice.

A Crate Adventure. Toddlers are allowed on this one but M didn’t want to be constrained by the lap bar so we ended up getting on and then getting straight off again!


There were opportunities around the park to have your picture taken with characters such as Kung Fu Panda and Woody Woodpecker.

We enjoyed the show at 5pm but some bits were a bit scary for toddlers. For example, the dinosaurs and Dracula.

If you’re planning to take a young child, I would recommend that you check the website to find out which rides have size restrictions on them and also take their temperament into account. M is quite timid but another 2 year old might not have had a problem on some of those rides.

2013-09-12 11.37.38

Show times

Nursing facilities 

The baby care room is to the left after entering through the ticket stiles. You need to go through the annual pass room to reach it. Despite visiting at the weekend, the baby care room was really quiet. I guess not too many people bring babies and toddlers here. At first glance it seemed great. Very spacious with enough space for several families and strollers. There is a seating area in the middle with 2 sofas plus a table and chairs for toddlers with a container of Megabloks for them to play with. There is also a TV in this area but it was switched off at all times that I visited.

2013-09-07 10.21.51

The kitchen area has a microwave , water dispenser, bottle warmer and sink.

2013-09-07 10.21.45

There is only one changing table and highchair. However, there are more changing tables throughout the park. I didn’t like the location of this one as it’s too close to the switches on the wall. No problem for baby but M could easily reach them. You can see the changing table in the bottom right of the picture.

2013-09-07 10.25.13

Behind a closed door (to the right in the below picture) are 2 nursing rooms.

2013-09-07 10.21.53

The nursing rooms are have a curtain entrance and are really small with only an armchair in each. There is no table and no space for a stroller. It would have been better to have a smaller kitchen area with bigger nursing rooms.

2013-09-07 10.22.06

It would also have been nice to see a diaper vending machine because if you get caught short, there is nowhere nearby to buy diapers from.

Other stuff 

To the right of the entrance, there is a counter where you can hire strollers and wheelchairs. Strollers are $15 for a single and $20 for a double. Really expensive! They are not regular strollers. They are made of plastic and I really recommend that you bring your own stroller if your child will need to nap.


To the left of the rental counter is a locker room where you can leave your stuff.

One last thing to note is that not all sections of the park are covered so if it starts to rain (like it did while we were there), you need to find shelter til it passes.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway,
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

+65 6577 8888


2 thoughts on “Universal Studios Singapore with babies and toddlers

  1. i have a 13 month old and a 10 year who we’l be taking there…..my major concern was the lil one and your article has really cleared out a lot of things. thanks heaps for the details and pictures.

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