Nursing Room – Century Square, Tampines

Location: level 2, past the customer services desk

In Tampines, there are 3 shopping malls in a row. And each of them have nursing rooms. The ones in Century Square would be my second choice (I prefer the ones in Tampines One, review to come soon).

There are two nursing rooms. One of them is bigger than the other (If I remember correctly, the first one is the smaller one). You can fit a stroller into both. On a weekday, I don’t have trouble finding a vacant room. But at the weekend, it can be quite busy.

2013-09-01 16.23.53

2013-09-01 16.22.18

There is a large padded changing table. However the baby needs to lie parallel with the wall. Which means that you really have to be careful that they don’t roll off.

2013-09-01 16.23.20

There is another padded bench for nursing. And there is a curtain so that you can share the room with someone that just needs to change their babies diaper. I’m not sure that this set up works well though (and it’s not just this mall that has a shared baby room). In theory, it’s good because two families can use the room at once. But in practice, not so good. Babies don’t like distractions while nursing. And other children coming into the room and playing with the curtain is distracting (this has happened to us a few times). Also, the sound of the hand drying machine can be scary for little ones as can loud voices. Maybe it’s just me that has bad luck with this but now I prefer to lock the whole room as we’re only in there for 5 or 10 minutes. Oh, and these rooms also suffer from staff using them to fill water bottles. You’d think that management could provide a separate area with a water dispenser for this.

Overall, the nursing facilities here are okay. If I’m in the vicinity, I’ll use them.


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