Ikea Tampines

I love Ikea. Cheap food and affordable furniture and accessories. I used to travel there when I was pregnant with M, just for lunch (meatball craving…) and to browse. We had a nice day out at the weekend and once M is big enough for the kids club, I’m sure we’ll be back again.

We planned to take the free shuttle bus there from Tampines. According to the schedule on the Ikea website, the bus picks up every 10 minutes at the weekend. When we arrived (the pickup point is between Tampines One and Tampines MRT, near to Gong Cha), one bus was just leaving. It was so full that some people didn’t make it on. We then waited half an hour for another bus. I’m not sure if the frequency has changed or if we were just unlucky with a late bus. But because we had both of the kids with us and no idea when the next bus was coming, we decided to grab a taxi instead. And, of course, once a taxi arrived, the bus arrived at the same time too. Not a great start to our day.

Once we arrived, we headed to the restaurant to get lunch. Despite there being lots of kids there at the weekend, there were plenty highchairs – Ikea brand of course. A nice way to check them out before buying. There is a little play area for children with a few of the Ikea Duktig kitchens along with a rocking reindeer and train track. In the showroom area of the store, there are activity stations scattered around to keep the little ones amused. And the children can have fun exploring the different bedroom layouts in the children’s section.

Nursing Room

Location: next to the restaurant (there is another nursing room next to the cashiers on the level below)

2013-10-12 16.10.42

2013-10-12 16.10.48

2013-10-12 16.11.03

Inside the baby care room there is a changing table and a separate curtained off area for nursing. Inside the nursing area, you have the water dispenser, and a diaper and changing pad vending machine. They would have been better situated in the main part of the room, like on the floor below, but luckily no-one needed to use them while I was feeding baby. The changing table is a bit too close to the nursing area and a toddler who was having their nappy changed, kept banging on the divider. On the plus side, the chair is pretty comfortable. Overall, not bad.


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