ToTT Store, Dunearn Road

Address: 896 Dunearn Road 01-01A, Singapore 589472 <Map>

Website / Facebook Page

ToTT (Tools of The Trade) is a huge kitchenware store located on Dunearn Road. In addition there is a supermarket here (Jason’s), a bistro, and cookery classes. I needed to get some items in my Christmas preparation so came here to shop around and have lunch. I also dragged along the kids and the in-laws to help supervise them because I had visions of M running around, grabbing at the glassware and other fragile stuff. So first, my impressions of the store. Yes, the store is huge. And there is a great variety of items. But disappointingly the bakeware section wasn’t as comprehensive as I had envisioned. I was looking for a particular size of cake tin and they did not have it here (I ended up buying from Bake King on Haig Road). I had also assumed that they would carry a lot of baking ingredients but again, that wasn’t the case. So I had to make a trip to Phoon Huat later to pick up what I needed. But I did end up buying lots of things that weren’t on my list and that I hadn’t even thought about purchasing before I visited. The store is nicely laid out with wide aisles and pretty displays. And the prices range from really expensive to pretty cheap. Cheaper than I thought I would find here.

After the shopping was done, we headed to the bistro for lunch. I brought along lunch for the girls so we didn’t need to worry about them. And just next to the bistro is a play area.

Play Area

The play area is in a room by itself. For the 20 minutes that M was in there, there were no other children here (or in the store for that matter). The main structure was quite fun for M. I would imagine that an older child would get really bored of it quickly.

2013-11-15 13.04.08

There are some activity boards on the walls but they’re a bit high up.

2013-11-15 13.04.18
2013-11-15 13.04.13

The area was really cold from the aircon so we didn’t stay for too long.

Nursing Room

I was surprised to find a nursing room here. Maybe there are more kids and babies around at the weekend? The room is locked so you need to ask at the customer service desk to open it. They told me that when I finished, there was no need to inform them. The room is spacious and clean. There are two nursing areas within the main room. Each room has a comfortable chair and a changing station.

2013-11-15 13.14.31
2013-11-15 13.14.42

The nursing areas have a pull down blind, rather than curtain or door. From inside, you can kinda see outside, it’s not totally opaque. I’m not sure if this works both ways though, I didn’t check.

Overall, we spent a nice few hours here. It’s a bit far for me to travel so I would probably use other kitchenware stores first unless I wanted to do lunch and let the kids play as well.


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