Nursing Rooms – Parkway Parade

Location: B1 and Isetan L2

So I’ve just noticed that despite Parkway Parade being my first introduction to nursing rooms, and most frequently used ones, I haven’t written any reviews of them. There are two rooms here. The first is in B1, at the Cedele end, next to the book shop.

2014-01-16 11.18.54 2014-01-16 11.18.44

The size is pretty good, I can fit in a stroller easily. There are two padded changing stations in the main part of the room (not pictured). As always, there are often staff in here, filling water bottles. The nursing area is fine, with a chair and table.

The bigger nursing room is situated within the children’s section of Isetan. I’ve been here sooo many times, yet don’t have a picture of the main room. So let me give a brief description instead. As you enter, there is a sink to your right. Then after that are three changing stations on the right and two benches for waiting on the left. The two nursing cubicles with lockable doors are also on the left. I like the changing stations because they’re padded and have a strap to fasten in your child so you can wash your hands at the sink without worrying about them rolling off. There is a highchair in the main room. The nursing cubicles are well sized and have a chair and table.

2013-11-10 19.21.36


The room is pretty bare, without any nice pictures on the walls. There is a mirror on the same wall as the door which can be a bit distracting for baby. I like this room because of  it’s size. And if both nursing rooms are occupied, there is the option of nursing on the benches.


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