Nursing Room & Water Playground- Changi City Point

Location: Level 2 (there is also a nursing room on level 1)

There is a small nursing area, separated from the main part of the room by a curtain. The chair is comfortable and there is a shelf to put your bags on.  In the main area is a changing station, sink, and water dispenser. The room has nice bright decoration on the wall and was clean. However, as with most nursing rooms, there was lots of interruption from staff filling water bottles. I could fit my stroller inside but it was a bit of a squash.

2014-02-21 14.24.59 2014-02-21 14.25.07

If I remember correctly, the room on level 1 near to Tung Lok is bigger and also has a bench for waiting family to rest on.

The water playground is located on level 2, through the food court. We went on a weekday morning and the playground was empty the whole time we were there! It gets pretty hot around lunchtime though.

2014-02-21 14.09.02 2014-02-21 14.15.37 2014-02-21 14.17.17


I did notice a shaded area to rest in, and of course, you can always go back inside the food court for a drink.

2014-02-21 14.11.40



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