An SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) to Suit both Baby and Toddler

I’m currently using a Boba 3G baby carrier. Size wise, it’s perfect for my one year old. I’ve recently started to notice that my two and a half year old’s legs are dangling more that I’d like though. Now I’ve read that it’s not as important for toddlers to maintain the “M position” as it is for babies, but to me, it doesn’t look all that comfortable. And because the leg openings are unpadded on the Boba 3G, she was left with red lines on her thighs.

The carrier is about mid-thigh now, instead of knee to knee

The carrier is about mid-thigh now, instead of knee to knee

I started to look into the options available to us. The first step for me was to try and use the foot stirrups that come with the 3G. They were easy to attach to the carrier and did help with the positioning. However M thought that it was great fun to try and stand up on them. Repeatedly. So I soon gave up on that idea (and that’s why there are no photos!). I then discovered that there are actually toddler carriers with a wider seat base such as Tula and Kinderpack. While these would suit M, they would be a problem for Z as she is only 14 months old and small for her age. A toddler carrier would typically be recommended for ages 18 months and up. I did consider buying a toddler carrier for only M to use but that would mean carrying two carriers around with me.

I then thought that maybe I could find a carrier with a wider base but not as wide as a toddler carrier. The Boba 3G has a width of 14.5 inches but the Beco Soleil’s is a bit bigger at 16 inches. There are also some other carriers which fit the criteria (such as Madame GooGoo) but they aren’t readily available in Singapore. The Beco Soleil also has some other advantages over the Boba. The leg openings are padded, hip carry is possible and the straps are crossable. So this seemed like a good option but with a price tag of $200.
Next I came across Tula’s free to grow leg extenders. These slip onto your carrier’s waist belt and clip onto the bottom of the arm straps. They are designed for that in between stage where baby is a bit too big for a standard carrier but too small for a toddler one. I checked babyslingsandcarriers website and according to that, they would fit the Boba as well as a Tula! At $40 they were a much more affordable option. I could use them for M and take them off when carrying Z. Perfect! I found them in stock at both and but colours vary between sites.

They’re working out pretty well for us. They are padded so this really improves the comfort of the Boba. M’s legs are in a much better position and if Z wants to be carried, I just unclip them so they dangle from the waistband to be comfortable for Z. Here are some pictures with the measurements and to show how much they extend the base:

2014-05-14 14.20.05 2014-05-14 14.18.19 2014-05-03 13.49.20

2014-05-14 14.19.27

*I wrote this post a while ago but forgot to post it. I now have an update! I found a good deal on a Beco Soleil so picked one of those up too. It fits Z nicely and the Tula free to grow leg extenders fit as well (although not quite as well as on the Boba)! So M is also able to use it. Now just got to decide whether to keep the Boba or not.
2014-05-24 16.02.08 2014-06-02 12.55.11 


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