Boba 3G vs Beco Soleil

I’ve had my Boba 3G  for over a year now. Out of all the carriers that I’ve tried, it’s probably my favourite. It has lots of really great plus points. But recently I’ve experienced a few niggles with it which has led to me thinking of switching to another carrier.

Boba 3G – things that made me consider switching

  • The seat base is no longer wide enough for my 2.5 year old daughter. The seat base of the Boba is actually quite generous when compared with other carriers such as the Beco Gemini or Ergo. But my daughter’s legs are now starting to dangle (see previous post here for my solution to this).
  • Lack of legs out padding. This is making the above issue more prominent because she’s also getting lines on her thighs.
  • The snaps on the inside of the carrier. These snaps are for converting the Boba into a newborn carrier. Because they are not in use, they are pressing against my daughter and leaving a mark.
  • Hood is too short for M.
  • I love the design but fancied a change…

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Boba. I’m just very picky and wish that there were a few changes to make it the perfect carrier for us. With regards to M not fitting so well inside, this was obviously going to happen at some point; you can’t expect the same carrier to fit a newborn and 2.5 year old perfectly.

Why consider the Beco Soleil?

  • Slightly wider seat base
  • Legs out padding should make it more comfortable
  • Interested in trying out a hip carry and using the crossable straps
  • There is a matching bag which can be used to store the carrier when not in use and can snap onto the carrier when baby is being carried and store a few things at the same time

I managed to pick up a second hand Beco which was very fortunate. It doesn’t seem to be widely distributed in Singapore. In fact, the only place that I saw having it in stock was Bebelove. Here are some comparison pictures:

Side by side. The Beco is slightly longer and wider.

Side by side. The Beco is slightly longer and wider.

2014-05-24 15.53.35

Waistbands have different shapes. Straps are straighter on the Beco, allowing them to be worn crossed.

2014-05-24 15.57.26

Padding on the waistband is longer on the Beco

2014-05-24 15.58.44

Boba (top) doesn’t have legs out padding. The Beco does.

2014-05-24 15.50.22

Boba fits very well in the stuff sack (additional purchase). I can’t figure out how to get the Beco back in its bag but I know it’s possible because it was like that when I bought it!

Which do I prefer?

This is a tough question because both carriers have their strengths and their weaknesses. Originally I was going to sell one but I really can’t decide so will keep both for now. The Beco does address the problem of the carrier causing lines on M’s thighs. I love the legs out padding. Wearing the straps crossed was quite comfortable but to be honest, I never wear them this way anymore. This is because when you undo them they trail on the floor, so you have to clip them backpack style again.  I’m not a fan of the safety buckles on the Beco and the chest strap has actually come off before (luckily in the house so I was able to slide it back on). The Boba’s waistband moulds more closely to my waist whereas the Beco’s waistband is a bit more structured (I prefer the Boba’s waistband). So what I’m doing at the moment is using the Beco with Z (for the legs out padding) and using the Boba with M in conjunction with Tula’s free to grow extenders. This gives her a wider seat base and legs out padding. And when I’m out with both kids all day, I take the Beco and the extenders. So complicated, I know. But it’s the best solution for us at the moment.




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