Quick Look at i12 Water Playground

2014-05-22 10.25.34

Sorry about the super far away shot; was just taking a peek on the day I took the photo. Came back with the kids later and forgot to take a better one.

The playground is located on level 4 (same level as the cinema and food court) and opens at 10am. From the main entrance, walk to the right to the lift. It takes you up close to the playground and saves you from walking around the whole mall. The playground is really spacious and has lots of water structures and a slide. With so much space it would have been nice to have a dry playground as well, or proper changing rooms or lockers…you get the picture. While it’s great to have a free area like this, it could have been planned better. I had come prepared with swimsuits for the kids and luckily was wearing mine under my clothes. But after our play was finished, I had to put my clothes on over the top of my swimsuit then walk across to the other side of the mall to the toilets to change. While it felt pretty safe up there (there is only a yoga studio that uses the same entrance and I don’t think you can see the playground from inside the mall), lockers would have been useful to store valuables. The one at Tampines is better in this respect although the waterplay stuff is not as good.

Edit 13/07/14 – There are some big cracks in the surface and an area has been cordoned off. No signs up mentioning if/when this is going to be repaired.

2014-07-13 16.53.47



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