Babycare Room – Kallang Wave

Location: level 1, across from Smoothie King

Kallang Wave had its soft opening about a fortnight ago but most of the shops and restaurants are not yet open (including the food court). Today I went to have a look around the Fairprice Xtra. We came from the bus stop on Stadium Drive which I thought would be best as no bus changes are required from my place. However the lift was still under construction, so I had to carry the stroller up the stairs to the bridge. Then you walk  around the side of the stadium and take the lift down to Kallang Wave. The walk around the stadium is under cover but there were still puddles there. On a dry day, it would be nice to bring M with her scooter as the walkway is smooth concrete. When I finally arrived, I asked at the concierge, and was told that there is no nursing room in the mall. Disappointing. There is a baby changing room though on level 1. To get to the room (and to the toilets) you need to pass through two sets of doors like this.

2014-07-09 13.36.51


They aren’t automatic so it can be a bit difficult with a stroller. The room itself is very basic. A changing station, sink and hand dryer.

2014-07-09 13.35.05 2014-07-09 11.50.07


The bin is right next to the end of the changing table and was a bit smelly. Maybe that’s for convenience so that you can drop a dirty nappy straight in there after changing. But for me, I’d prefer it to be further away, or at least on the floor. For a new facility, I think they could have done a better job than this. I’m hoping that there will be a proper nursing room when the place opens completely.


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