Paragon – free playground

Location: Level 5

This playground gets very busy on the weekends. It is located on level 5, near to Mothercare and Early Learning Centre.

2014-07-16 10.00.07

The main play structure consists of ladders, slides and tunnels. It feels quite safe and Z (almost 18 months) could probably manage  at least one of the sets of stairs. The playground is geared towards younger children and while M (almost 3 years old) had fun, I’m not sure if there is enough to keep her amused in a year or twos time.

2014-07-16 10.00.22

There are two bouncy animals (pictured above). When the kids are running around in such close proximity, it gave me a few scares that they would get hit by the kids on these rides. There are two activity boards on the walls for younger children/babies. It’s great that the area has a wall around the perimeter and there are a few seating areas for adults. Also happy that a shoe rack is provided outside. The nursing area and toilets are close by, just past the escalator to Toys R Us.


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