Nursing Pad Roundup

Okay, so this post is not going to be of interest if you’re not a nursing mum in Singapore.  Feel free to click away now.

Still here? Well, I thought that it might be useful to have a quick comparison/cost breakdown of the various nursing pads available here. I’ve been nursing for almost three years now so have gone through a fair amount of pads of various brands in my time. And what has been my criteria for choosing one brand over another? Well…there really hasn’t been any. I started off using the well known brands, then tried the cheaper looking brands, and finally dabbled with cloth reusable ones. It’s difficult to differentiate between the brands as they all have very similar selling points: ultra thin and discreet! highly absorbent! soft & comfortable!. Price comparison is not straightforward either as you have different amounts in a box and some seem to permanently be on offer e.g. buy 2 get one free. So without further ado, here are the ones that I tried (Medela box not pictured).

2013-09-29 13.00.44 2013-10-16 07.33.43 2013-10-23 15.16.13 2013-11-30 19.47.46 2014-01-04 08.35.40

And here they are out of the box:

2014-06-23 14.44.25-1

L-R top to bottom: NUK, Philips Avent, Farlin, Tommee Tippee, Tollyjoy, Medela

2014-06-23 14.47.26 2014-06-23 14.48.35

Price Breakdown


NUK – $8.90 – 48 – ??? – one sticky pad, dots to remember which side last nursed on, 2 packs of 24 – $0.19

Philips Avent – $7.90 – 30 – Kiddy Palace – one sticky pad – $0.26

Farlin – $7.90 – 36 – Kiddy Palace – bulky – $0.22

Tommee Tippee – $21.80 – 108 – Mothercare – 3 for 2, 36 per pack – $0.20

Tollyjoy – $7.90 – 48 – Kiddy Palace – 40 plus 8 “free”- $0.16

Medela – $15.90 – 60 – Mothercare – offer, 2 packs of 30 – $0.27


There is variety in size, thickness, shape (as in curve to fit the body) and the pads packaging material. Some have two sticky tabs and some have one.

Looking at the cost breakdown, the most expensive (Medela) cost more than 1.5 times that of the cheapest (Tollyjoy). That is quite a big difference if you are looking at cost alone. Absorbancy will vary but if you change pads frequently, this hopefully wouldn’t be an issue. I didn’t experience leaks with any of the brands tested. I prefer the thinner pads but to be honest, I find that all are visible when wearing a fitted t-shirt. The brand that I used the most were Tommee Tippee (but only when on the 3 for 2 offer!). Their price is mid-range but I like the thinness and having two sticky pads keeps them nicely in place.


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