Marché Mövenpick Suntec City

Address: Marché Mövenpick Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-612 to 614, Suntec City Mall, S(038983)

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Marche opened a new branch at Suntec City a few months ago and I had the chance to try it out last weekend. We love the one at 313 Somerset as there is a wide variety of food and a small play area for the kids. So even better for us that there is now a branch at Suntec, just a few bus stops away from us. The bus actually drops you off outside the restaurant but you have to walk around and into the building before entering.

2014-10-26 11.08.53 HDR

The setup is pretty much the same as at 313 Somerset. You are given charge cards as you enter and then order food and drinks from the various stations, giving in your card each time. Then at the end, the cashier bills you according to what’s on the charge cards. One cool thing was a little highchair/trolley for kids to sit in while you go around to collect food. So they sit in the front, and there is a tray at the back to put food on. You can even use it as a highchair if you wish, although there are also plenty of Stokke Tripp Trapps available.

2014-10-26 11.12.44 2014-10-26 11.14.59

There is a kids menu, priced just over $10, but we decided to just share our food with Z as she is too young to be able to finish a full meal of her own.

And then, the bit that we came for…

2014-10-26 11.19.27 2014-10-26 11.19.43 2014-10-26 11.19.52 2014-10-26 11.19.59 2014-10-26 11.20.17

…the play area!

In the first picture is an activity board and a playhouse to the right. Second picture shows the interior of the little playhouse. There is a treehouse which I didn’t climb up into and a small bridge with a firemans pole at one end. There is a climbing wall at the end. There was also a really nice train table which I didn’t snap a picture of as it was very busy, with kids crowding around it.

Suntec is really a great destination for kids now with Cool de Sac, Polliwogs, Marche, Toys R Us and the Lego shop all close by. And then Marina Square is just a short walk away with Mothercare, Kiddy Palace, and the free playground. Also, Hokey Pokey at Millenia Walk! Could easily spend a whole day around here.


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