Here is my final post from our England trip this summer. We spent time in London both at the beginning and end of the trip. Having lived there for many years, our goal was to visit friends and do a little bit of shopping, not go sightseeing. So this post has got lots of random things in it and doesn’t follow an itinerary.

When we arrived in the UK, we wanted to stay near to a relatives place for the first night. We chose Travelodge in Enfield due to it’s proximity, it’s low price, and because there were a few retail parks nearby. We rented cars and it was pretty easy to get there from Heathrow. There were supermarkets nearby, as well as a Boots (like Watson’s or Guardian but cheaper) and Toys R Us.

Nursing Room – Toys R Us Enfield

I was a bit surprised to find a nursing room here but it’s a good idea to have one within a toy shop. The room was pretty shabby but clean.

2014-08-16 10.37.29 2014-08-16 10.37.36

Some Central Shopping

We had done lots of shopping around Manchester so when we were in London, we mainly stuck to Regent Street (Hamleys) and Oxford Street (where the department stores are).

2014-08-29 15.05.32

Oxford Street

2014-08-28 15.41.32

Regent Street

2014-08-28 14.34.22 2014-08-28 14.34.30

The above bookshop is Waterstones, just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus. It has a great children’s section with some small tables and chairs for kids to play and read books. I didn’t spot a nursing room so ended up using a nursing cover here. For a children’s section, it was surprisingly quiet.

Below are some random pictures that I took whilst shopping. The first is the greeting card section within a supermarket (Tesco). I struggle to find nice cards and gift wrap in Singapore so it was great to see such a huge selection here. Yes, that whole isle was dedicated to it! The second picture is my haul from a pound shop (can’t remember which one though). So it’s like Daiso but everything costs £1. A six pack of fudge for £1 is a bargain!

2014-08-21 16.58.25 2014-08-20 15.57.03

Nursing Room – Tesco Kensington Superstore

Found this little nursing room within the supermarket (L2)

2014-08-29 18.58.49

Nursing Rooms – John Lewis

There are a few nursing rooms within John Lewis on Oxford Street. The first set of pictures show the one on level 4. The actual nursing area is a shared one and separated by a curtain from the changing area. There are also a couple of highchairs here.


2014-08-29 15.12.46 2014-08-29 15.12.53 2014-08-29 15.13.00  2014-08-29 15.29.01

This next lot of pictures show the room on level 5. There is both a formula feeding area and a breastfeeding area. Again, the areas are shared ones.

2014-08-29 17.08.50 2014-08-29 17.08.44   2014-08-29 17.08.57  2014-08-29 17.09.17 2014-08-29 17.10.47 2014-08-29 17.10.53

The cafe in John Lewis serves some child friendly food (they had yoghurts and some pouches if I remember correctly). There is also a good children’s department with clothing and toys.

 Nursing Room – Heathrow Terminal 3 Departures

2014-08-30 10.41.07 2014-08-30 10.41.13

So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this series of posts and that they help you if you’re visiting the UK.

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