Nursing Room – Metro Centrepoint

Location: L6, children’s department

Spotted this nursing room whilst checking the new Metro that occupies Robinson’s old space at Centrepoint.

2014-11-27 14.51.22 2014-11-27 14.51.25 2014-11-27 14.54.16

The changing station over the playpen is a little small but it’s good to have a place to put baby whilst washing your hands. There was a cot against the other wall – not sure what this is for? It’s decorated for sleeping with a pillow in there. Maybe for putting very small infants (that can’t pull themselves up) whilst you need to wash hands/get something out of the diaper bag etc. The base is too shallow for older babies.

The nursing area was a little strange. It’s a shared area, separated from the other bit by a door. But there is a bed to sit on, instead of chairs. So to get comfortable, you kind of have to scoot yourself to the back (against the wall) and have your legs awkwardly dangling off. Either that or perch on the end of the bed.

The children’s department on level 6 is a little small but has some nice bits and pieces there. I was surprised to see some ultralight strollers there. One was by Joie (the aireskip – 4.1kg) and there was another even lighter one but I can’t recall the brand (maybe Combi or Joie again?). There is also a Monsoon children’s section, but that is situated within the ladies wear department on level 2.


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