Out and About in Brunei

新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year! We just returned from a short trip to Brunei but managed to squeeze in some playtime for the kids while we were there. Here’s a quick overview of what we did:


Times Square Shopping Centre

Address: Spg 13-29, Jalan Berakas, Kg Jaya Setia BB2713

2015-02-16 11.46.13 2015-02-16 11.51.12 2015-02-16 11.56.51
We passed by this place many times before but this was our first time venturing inside. There are a few shops and stalls selling children’s clothes and accessories. There is a bookshop on the ground floor, around half of which was dedicated to children’s books. The ground floor also had a bouncy castle; not sure if this is a permanent fixture or just a temporary thing. It was really cheap, 50 cents for 30 minutes or $1 for an hour. Can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend a whole hour on it though. The third floor had an arcade and indoor playground. We didn’t go inside but the assistant said that the charge was $6 for 2 hours of play.

Mabohai Shopping Complex

2015-02-17 10.26.37

Can't read the sign on this picture but the shop is called Carousel

Can’t read the sign on this picture but the shop is called Carousel

The kids love the Toys r Us here and we visit every time we are over in Brunei. There is a nice maternity shop on the floor below as well as a branch of Flexa. I like the Supa Save on the ground floor; it carries a few British items that I don’t commonly see in Singapore like Monster Munch, Chewits and Robinsons squash (although I know you can get some of that stuff online from Expat Food Hall and Tuck). I noticed a babycare room but didn’t venture inside because it’s next to the security area and wasn’t sure if I needed to ask them to open (the kids were in Toys r Us…).

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium playground

2015-02-18 18.12.51 2015-02-18 18.13.48

We got here just after 6pm and were sad to see that it was closed and padlocked (think it was closed due to prayer time). We didn’t have time to wait for it to reopen so had to leave a visit for another time.

Westpark Kiddieland II

2015-02-18 10.26.39

There are 2 branches, hence the II in the title. The first branch is in The Mall, Gadong and would be easier for a tourist to find. The second branch is not far away, also in the Gadong area. We paid $10 per child for unlimited time in the playground and water park area; it’s cheaper if you just want to do one of those 2 things. The playground is nice and clean and a good size. There is also a miniature train that runs around. We came on a weekday and there were only 2 other kids here the whole time. The cafe has plenty of seats and it was nice to see kiddie sized tables and chairs. The food selection wasn’t great but the kids enjoyed the fries and one meal was enough for the both of them to share. There are toilets inside along with a nursing room. However there was party stuff all over the changing unit which would have been inconvenient if I had needed to use it.
2015-02-18 10.47.35 2015-02-18 10.41.07 2015-02-18 10.38.52 2015-02-18 10.36.17 2015-02-18 10.31.38 2015-02-18 10.31.28
2015-02-18 10.51.51 2015-02-18 10.52.07
The indoor water park was small and the water was very cold. M was scared of the main structure due to the amount of water coming down so the assistant turned off the water supply there which we appreciated. The kids mainly stuck to the smaller water features. There are changing rooms and showers in this area.
2015-02-18 11.21.08 2015-02-18 11.21.12 2015-02-18 11.27.12 2015-02-18 11.36.00 2015-02-18 10.28.43
Overall we enjoyed our visit here and will probably come back next time but skip the water park section.

Jerudong Park

2015-02-21 18.17.44 2015-02-21 18.16.48 2015-02-21 18.18.53

The theme park was small but fun for young kids. We went on the paddle boats and the carousel but most of our time was spent in the play area. It’s important to note that at prayer times the rides and water park shut down but the play area and food stalls remain open.
2015-02-21 18.30.23 2015-02-21 18.31.03 2015-02-21 18.48.39 2015-02-21 18.49.52 2015-02-21 18.53.07 2015-02-21 19.39.34 2015-02-21 19.39.49
The kids really enjoyed the water park. It was actually really big compared to the rest of the park. Only a limited number of tokens are given out for each time slot so arrive early! There was a huge structure with slides for the older kids and the younger kids could splash around near the various fountains. One thing to note is the strict dress code. Females can’t wear “regular” swimsuits and definitely no bikinis. It would be best to wear a rash guard and board shorts or just wear a t shirt and leggings like a lot of the women I saw. Guys need to wear tops and I’m not sure if trunks are allowed, better check first or wear shorts.
2015-02-21 20.30.21 2015-02-21 20.19.47 2015-02-21 20.30.16
Food here was very reasonably priced. We paid $5.50 for a chicken hotdog, fries, and freeze drink. You could also order rice and sweet corn at the same stall for a healthier option although most of the food inside the park was fried stuff.
The nursing room was large but sparsely decorated. There was only one changing station and armchair. There was also a sofa so if it gets busy, you might find yourself sharing.
2015-02-21 21.10.55 2015-02-21 21.10.59